An accomplished solutions analyst specializing in Object Oriented Design and Analysis with extensive experience in the full life cycle of the software design process, including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, interface implementation, testing and maintenance. Twelve years experience as a software engineer / solutions analyst.

Primary focus has been on process automation development, document management system implementations and data aggregation and reporting services.

Strong analytical skills. Compatible team player through complete project cycles, testing, and final implementation. Superior documentation generation and management skills. Excellent communications skills.

Fluent in English; Proficient in French and Hungarian.


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Languages / Technologies C#, C++, C, VisualBasic, BASIC, Java, Pascal, Delphi, Python, PERL, MXML/ActionScript, HTML, COBOL, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, Ruby, Rails, SQL, Shell Scripting, MongoDB
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, DOS (MS/PC), OSX
Applications / Suites Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, Eclipse IDE, Anjuta IDE, MonoDevelop


Note that due to NDAs, project specifics cannot be listed and some clients cannot be disclosed

  • 2013 - wrote a web scraping platform (Ruby/MongoDB/AWS)
  • 2012 - provided a local utility with some custom CRM solutions (Ruby/Rails)
  • 2010 - wrote a Blackberry Playbook app that interacted with the social feed api
  • 2009 - provided an aquisition audit of a scrapbooking platform written in Java
  • 2009 - created a social platform feed aggregator (Twitter, Facebook, Google News) using Ruby
  • 2008 - provided a social widget management platform (written in Adobe Flex)
  • 2008 - wrote a social streaming solution (written in Adobe Flex)



Analyst, Online Solutions
Astley Gilbert Limited
2003 – Present
North York, ON

  • Overhauled a workflow automation system implementation
    • reverse engineered all connected processes
    • documented and mapped related systems
    • developed a firm understanding of Enfocus Switch, Adobe InDesign scripting, Adobe Acrobat scripting and AppleScript
  • Spearheaded a number of process documentation overhaul initiatives.
  • Created and implemented documentation standards for use by the IT department.
  • Wrote and implemented a number of internal tracking, reporting and ticketing solutions using a variety of technologies (.NET, Ruby/Rails, Python, AS3)
  • Generated numerous automation tools to collect data from multiple sources and distill the information into reports or spreadsheets
  • Wrote and implemented a knowledge base solution to help expedite incident response time.
  • Acted as the lead architect and engineer of the ProjectCentral initiative (an online workflow management tool). This solution was written in Flex/C#/MSSQL.
  • Managed a team of two contract developers on the ProjectCentral project.
  • Redesigned the company’s website ( and wrote the template code to be applied to each page.
  • Wrote a number of utility applications for the company’s website to make customer interaction with internal departments/staff more effective and targeted.
  • Created the Project Central Activity Tracker, which was written in Flex/C# (Web Services)/MSSQL. This solution obsoleted a number of disparate manual tracking methods and unified them in an online application that made the accounting department’s reporting cycle for online solutions 80% shorter.
  • Unified Astley Gilbert’s 7 branches online project archives through an online tool, thereby reducing both redundancy (and saving server space) and fulfilment (by making information more readily accessible to staff).

Software Engineer
Embanet Corporation
2002 – 2003
North York, ON

  • Maintained content for a number of online learning management systems (LMS), including Intralearn, Blackboard, Jones and FirstClass.
  • Identified process inefficiencies and addressed them with software solutions (most applications were written in VB6 or C++).
  • Implemented a number of enhancements to the internal help desk software management system.

Technical Writer / Project Librarian
Electronic Data Services (EDS)
Toronto, ON

  • Assisted in the maintenance of a project library for a data warehousing initiative.
  • Produced document templates for business analysts.
  • Wrote the control logic for a number of internal documents, which involved tying a number of Excel spreadsheets together using (VBA) to reduce a number of redundancies between documents.

Software Engineer (Contract)
Highpoint Environmental
2006 – 2008
North York, ON

  • Planned and implemented an inventory management solution. The solution (HPINV) was written in C#, with a MSSQL back-end.
  • HPINV automated a number of manual processes by providing management and warehouse staff with a more efficient digital workflow.


Intermediate Flash Training
DPA Communications
Toronto, ON

Systems Analysis and Design / Computer Programming
Centennial College of Applied Arts and Sciences
1999 – 2001
Scarborough, ON