The following is a collection of my various open source project contributions.


Redmine: Knowledgebase Plugin

A Redmine plugin that adds knowledgebase functionality.

Redmine: Dropbox Attachment Storage

A Redmine plugin that allows attachment storage to be moved to your Dropbox account.

Exception Logger

A Rails 3 engine that can be added to any project to allow exceptions to be recorded to the database for future analysis.

YAML Auto-translator

Translate a source YAML file for I18n app localization.


ScummVM: Asylum Engine

A reimplementation of ASC Games / DreamForge’s Sanitarium for the ScummVM platform.


Tool Assisted Movie Editor

An editor for TAS input files.

Currently supports SMV, FCM, GMV, FMV, VBM, M64, MMV, PXM, and PJM file formats.