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The name’s Alex, and I’m currently a Senior Product Manager on the Developer Experience team at MongoDB, focusing on the Ruby Driver and Language Ecosystem.

I’ve been writing software professionally since 2000, and have had the opportunity to flex my creative muscle in a number of languages and technologies.

Recently, my projects have been been in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, but am also experienced in Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Python, C#, C++, Java, HTML/Javascript, Actionscript, VisualBasic, ASP.NET, Bash.

I’m also the author of a book on Redmine Plugin Extension and Development, which is available from Packt Publishing.

Software Engineering for Fun!

To keep the skillset sharp, I enjoy reverse engineering old DOS and Windows games. The goal is usually to build an engine which can then be included with ScummVM.

I’m also an active open source developer, and enjoy hacking on Redmine plugins.

Software Engineering for Profit!

Though I don’t have a lot of free time lately, if the right project for the right client were to come along, I would definitely want to hear what you had to say :)

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